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About Early Advantage

Welcome to Early Advantage! We are an independent publishing company with a mission to bring the very best educational resources to children. To do this we seek, find or create high quality learning programs for children in America and around the world.

Through our programs, parents can realize their dreams of providing their children the early advantage of rich educational experiences in the early years of life. Among other, prior Early Advantage programs have included Wordmaster’s Challenge, a fun program designed to build vocabulary through the use of humorous, fracture fairy tales and the award-winning MUZZY, Language Course for Children. MUZZY, created by the British Broadcasting Corporation, has given millions of children, parents, and teachers, worldwide, an early start on a second language. It was first brought to the U.S. by longtime publisher David Ward. Impressed and impassioned by its success with his own daughter, he eventually bought the business and founded Early Advantage.

Early Advantage is always seeking new and exciting ways to help children learn!



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